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Friday, December 31, 2010

About pilgrimage

When December starts every year, some how people irrespective of religion starts some spiritual exercises. This may be because of the Christians who often start Christmas celebrations from the start of December and continue with their choir through out the month with the Santa Claus moving with them to the home of every member of the particular church.

By December Muslims would have completed their Ramzan fast and would have amply expressed their spirituality. Now it is the time for Hindus. The 45 days sanctity is to be adhered for all these purification exercises because it is believed that all the cells in our body will be replaced by new cells within 45 days.

So some one instituted the Ayyappa Temple based on some stories in epics that Ayyappa is common to both Vaishnava and Saiva cults of Hinduism. Saivaits have their own vradha in January and go on pilgrimages to Lord Muruga’s Temple.

The preparations involves rigorous exercises like getting up early in the morning and taking bath twice daily and abstaining from physical contact with woman and taking only vegetarian food.

No doubt the food we eat plays a major role in attitudes and temperament and this should have been experimented long long ago and well documented in Bhagavat Gita.

This is the physical preparation. The mental preparation is to perform Puja and Bajans singing songs of the God for whom the Vradha is undertaken. There is peculiar dress code to signal that a particular person is undertaking the vradha so as to get protected from others from offering some thing which is not in accordance with the life style followed by the devotee.

Apparently every thing looks perfectly alright since every individual has the freedom to live as he likes and develop his own faith. No doubt the vradha undertaken will purify the body if done correctly for 45 days.

What is being done is an awful manipulation. The whole exercise has been subsidised and the main focus has shifted to the tour to the Temples. This tour in case of Ayyappa pilgrimage is undertaken along with other men and women are excluded. Where as the tour to Muruga temple is undertaken by walking to the temple. The walking takes 3 to 4 days and people walk about 120 to 160 Kms.

The climax of these tours is the most thrilling one. Whether it is Ayyappan Temple or Muruga temple there will be lakhs and lakhs of people. The ultimate goal is to have a Dharshan( a respectful look) of the Idol in the Temple.

The important aspect of the exercise is the vradha. This is subsidised but in spite of the huge crowds the Dharshan is not to be omitted. The spiritual leaders thus ensure a steady increase in the crowd to the temple. By this way all devotees are under their control. If some body attempts some thing very convenient like skipping the visit to the temple, the whole spiritual fraternity will repeatedly caution the devotee that some thing wrong will happen because the God will punish. The individual devotee is thus caught to at least undertake the tour thrice.

The poojas create a slumber in the mind. This is mistaken for peace of mind. The mind becomes dull and unintelligent. The whole exercise will make one timid fearing God and fate. The belief on miracle keeps increasing. The self confidence is lost and always the individuals offer some offerings to God in return if their prayers are full filled. The offerings could be by way of material or by way of so many subsequent visits.

If one takes a rational look at it, the offerings referred to as ‘commitment to the God’ are very well orchestrated to increase the importance and revenue of the temples. Belief is built that miracles happen and people recite many stories to reinforce the belief. This goes like a network marketing and probably leaders in network marketing may have to copy cat some of the strong mechanism that is at work.

If some one is in despair and agony, he will be drawn easily by the stories about miracles and will be trapped in the band wagon of the devotees. Some times the initiation of the process is done by the astrologers and other futurists. Once a person falls into the groove of this kind of pilgrimage and develop faith in astrology, palmistry etc. he is going to be a victim for the whole of his life suffering greatly and achieving far little things.

The danger is, his followers and generations may have only two choices, either to accept his faith or to go away from him at times when he is in vradha.

Faith on God should not affect relationship. True God faith should make one understand what love is. An enlightened person is the one who is aware of himself and the dimensions of God. He can realise God in himself.

Aham Brahmaasmi

How best to utilise the services of the Doctors.

In my last article I have concluded that health is in our hands. That leaves a question in us, ' When and how best we can take the help of the doctors.

Certainly there are many occasions we are dependent on the services of the so called health care professionals. Some of the occasions one can think of is as follows.

1.At times of certain infection causing fever, rashes and acute body pain.

2.When some one has diarrhea and vomiting

3.When some one is wounded in accident and in the course of games.

4.At times of insect and reptile bite.

5.Wounds due to animal and human attack.

6.Severe pain in any part of the body.

7.Excessive continuous discharge of body liquids.

8.When some one is unconsciousness or semiconscious

9. Excessive intoxication due to drug or alcohol

10. When some one is facing difficulty in breathing

11.During emergency conditions to provide life saving care.

When we take somebody, we must be conscious not to get excited by the initial

drama of the trauma care. It could be genuine or could be a show of also. By now people are getting accustomed to these real time dramas. But if one does not have any prior experience of taking some one in emergency condition and when money is not a big issue to meet out the expenses, the patient's relatives might be taken for a ride. However we may have to cooperate because there is no alternative.

It is better to take second opinion when a surgical intervention is suggested. However in case of accident victims taking a decision is difficult. Much depends on the luck of the unlucky victim. There can not be any hard and fast rule.

So in conclusion it can be stated that Doctors need not be obeyed as God's representatives but should only be given due consideration as any other professional.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Gods of Health

Most of us have great faith on God. Being pious is a comforting feeling and adds to the psychological strength. If we have some problems, we pray God and we believe that our prayer is heard. Most of the time the problem get solved or we accept the bad results as our fate.

Similar faith we seem to build on the doctors. If we are ill we go to doctors and religiously obey their words and gulp what ever they give as medicines. I have asked many of my friends and acquaintances, who are under treatment for some common ailments like fever about the medicines they take. Even well educated people are ignorant of the names of the medicines they take.

So people have great faith in doctors and this really makes doctors to behave like super human beings in charge of the life and health of living beings. In this part of the world where I live doctors want every one of their patients to patiently wait for hours in the ill equipped waiting room. Friends are no exception to this general waiting rules. The more popular a doctor is, the more is the waiting time. I have bitter waiting experience of waiting even 4 hours accompanying some of my friends.

When we get inside the consulting room, many times we can a see a peculiarly dressed person called 'Medical Representative' sitting in front of the doctor and chanting some English Mantras holding a colourful pamphlet. The doctor never lends any attention to all these comedy but is concerned about the samples he is going to get from this guy. This guy is under tremendous pressure to make the doctor prescribe his company's medicines. The gullible patients may have to shell out hefty amounts for these medicines they may not need at all.

After this ceremony we might receive a puzzling look and immediately he will ask some questions and write his prescription which only the medical store fellow can make out. The doctor will not explain any thing about medicine and all the more most of us do not want to know why each medicine is administered in to our body. We have faith and believe that the medicine is going to heal.

'Physicians rarely cure, mostly comfort but console always' wrote Hippocrates during the first century BC. Of late most of the physicians instead of consoling, simply scare the patients. If we can understand this, then we can take charge of our health.

Our health is never in the hands of the doctor but mostly in our control. The life style, food, our thought pattern, our environment, our habits and our sex life determines our health. If there is an ailment, it is because of the imbalance due to some deviations in the above aspects.

So we may have to know some fundamentals about our organs. We have to understand what an analgesic drug is and what an antibiotic is. We should also understand that any thing we eat has an action on our body.

These days doctors never take risk treating the patients based on symptoms. The radiology and laboratories are developed to such an extent that majority of the patients are referred for ultra scan, ECG, blood test, urine test and tests of all liquids in the body and finally declared that every thing is OK but the symptoms exist!

The cure happens automatically as usual and the doctors take credit. The dimension of exploitation of corporate hospitals is immeasurable. Surgical procedures are the way of treatment there. They may even find out surgical procedures to permanently cure common cold. Cardiology is a million dollar racket and most of the surgical interventions are unnecessary. Gynaecology is another money spinning industry and in the days to come there will not be normal child birth even for cattle and pet dogs.

Why do we have to take all these ways. The better way is to take charge of our health by proper life style with optimum positive stress and emotional balance.

Learning soft skills can save us big troubles with respect to health and one may not need to go to the Gods of health frequently.

A soft skill lesson a day keeps the doctor away.

We can become Gods of our own health.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Have you seriously concentrated on your communication skills.

If there is an activity which works against Newton's third law of motion viz., for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction it is human communication.

The law of communication can be defined as to every communication there is a reaction in the same direction or in the opposite direction or no reaction at all.

This makes the practicing of this trait very interesting and challenging.

If you smile you will get a smile in return.
If you smile you will be stared at sometimes.
If you smile you may get back an angry look or even get scolded!

If you advance your hand to shake hands you might receive the other person's hand or some times you might get a Namaskar.

If you shout at someone you might be returned with a shout or some times the other person may obey.

Communication is basically a stimulus. The response depends on so many factors.

Many guidelines can be suggested. But one must be willing to harness the skill rather than continuing with the habitual pattern.

Attitude is the basis of communication. Awareness of the self and the response to ones stimulus forms the next step. The purpose and retaining the attention forms the third step.

Practicing of better communication requires understanding of the human nature.

Fluency in language in verbal communication, an optimum mix of appropriate body language and correct modulation needs to be concentrated. Appropriate words make expressions more effective. To achieve all these things one should practice listening first. Listening with awareness of our reaction is an art by itself.

Using language effectively requires listening to speech in the particular language and reading regularly.

Mastering a language in a month is a myth. One can master the meanings but can not use the language to express on self. For instance any child knows very few words but the authenticity with which it uses is great. This is because as a child we were good observers and listeners. As we grow up this capacity seems to decrease and we may have to rejuvenate the capacity.

Communication mostly is one to one and some times one to many. One to many is called mass communication. Every one of us should master one to one communication. Depending on ones requirement mass communication can be mastered later. Mass communication is one aspect absolutely essential for teachers but sympathetically neglected by many teachers. Most people want to speak and write a new language but do not put enough focus and efforts. I have come across many graduates who have graduated with medium of instruction as English but very poor with respect to their capacity to communicate in English.

Why communication takes the last priority?

Lots of troubles can be avoided by good communication skills. Why not try practicing communication skills instead of feeling contended that you are right.

This only requires an attitude to re learn the skills you think you know or never bothered to improve.

Each individual can be considered to have ego surrounding the attitude. Inside the attitude the emotions reside. Inside the emotions there are three natural planes of existence Rajo, Sathva and Thamo. These three planes are overlapping giving rise to seven possible planes.

Rajo meansDominating
Sathva  means Analytical
Thamo means Lazy

So considering one to one communication, there could be 49 channels of communication expressing the three dimensional self of each namely ego,attitude and emotions. Taking control of all the forty nine lines requires awareness , analytical skill, language skills and emotional intelligence.

Once we understand the psychological fundamentals, communication in various modes becomes easy whether it is body language, verbal or written.

Then you can write your own manual on communication.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Punctuality is a trait that appears to be personal and inter personnel. Personally one could feel proud about being punctual. However when there is a phone call or some unexpected guest reaching , keeping up the time becomes difficult. In the present life, amidst the electronic boxes viz. Mobile phones, TVs and Computers, stress to maintain punctuality is high. When an individual's mind is strongly habituated to observe punctuality, ways to do things in time is automatically devised. However, compliance of the ways very much depends on people around including those who can access on mobile phones.

When one observes punctuality very strictly,some times people who have to go with us may feel comfortable and some times they may feel uncomfortable and even let down .

The stress to maintain time increases as the no. of people involved are more.

If we fail to maintain punctuality, there is huge collective interference loss of time.

For instance if three people are to leave to a place and they are getting delayed by 5 minutes due to one among them, the collective time lost is 2 X 5= 10 human minutes.

If a teacher comes late by 5 minutes to a class of 50 students, the collective time lost is 250 human minutes. If a person who is to address a large meeting of 1000 delegates is late by just 2 min. the collective time lost is 2000 human minutes.

To observe punctuality one may experience enormous stress,however the collective gain in time due to punctuality absorbs all the stress associated. One can feel proud of this trait.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My first step towards learning soft skills.

As expressed by an eager participant

The school management felt an urgent need to train us on soft skills so that we the teachers can perform better and the students excellence can go up.

It was decided to get the services of United Soft Skills to achieve this.

Twenty five teachers handling class LKG to 10th standard Matriculation stream of education were selected for the series program. On the first day there were sessions on Listening skills and communication skills. The atmosphere was cool. The faculties were dedicated to their mission. The slide presentations were colorful.

I was very happy with the sessions and when a feed back report was asked for, I was enthusiastic to prepare the best. Language was a barrier because there were better qualified among the group but my enthusiasm was up beat. Suddenly I could remember the faculty stating that some times communication can happen even with limited language skills!

Is it true ? Is this the kind of feeling one experiences when there is enthusiasm ?

I prepared the report and made it look beautiful. I underlined the key phrases. The school management has told that our feedback will be evaluated by three faculties. I expected that my response will definitely be selected in the best category.

When the faculty sat to go through the responses, I think that my report also should have scored high because the key phrases were in place and the report was beautiful. My enthusiasm should have popped up beyond the language.

It was Friday evening. Some of the teachers approached the Director of the school to schedule the program not on a Saturday which is a holiday but on a working day. I was looking at the program as a unique opportunity to develop one self and should not be mistaken as a one for improving the knowledge skills. The Director wanted the participants to come forward willingly allocating their personal time wholeheartedly. 

I was really anxious because such a representation to the director should not result in cancellation of the program. Nothing like that happened and the Director allowed the teachers to come in the dress of their liking and also offered the refreshment of their choice but wanted every one of us to come on Saturday.

I heaved a sigh of relief. The sessions will be continued and the participants were expected to be in the meeting hall exactly at 9.30 AM

On the next day I was very happy to wear a dress I liked most. I was in the meeting hall at 9.20 AM and I was the first. The Director came at 9.30 AM and was simply taken aback to see only me and a few more teachers. He was personally disturbed because the faculties who are used to large audience may not like to address a small group.

The first faculty was expected at 10.30 AM. The Director had planned to give gifts to all those who have submitted the feed back report and wanted to share his views between 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM.

He left a word with me to report to him at 10.00 AM and left the hall. When he came back there were about 20 plus participants and he resolved to start the session.

The first thing he spoke was about my report. He appreciated it heartily. I was very much pleased. The USS faculty reached at 10.30 and joined the meeting. He also appreciated my efforts.

So I was personally happy that I satisfy all the criteria to learn soft skills since I was in time, I was involved , attentive, could recollect and report what I have learnt.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lakhs & Crores of people are ahead of me and lakhs are behind me, we are all running

“Where are we going?” I asked some one by my side.

“People ahead of us are clear about the destination, they know everything. So we are following them.”

“People behind us can also think like that, so could the assumption be wrong?” I said.

He stared at me and started running.

“What can we see at the end of our journey?” I enquired another.

“You can reach glittering heaven and God will welcome us there”.

“Is there any one who has seen this and returned or some one who can confirm this?”

“You are an atheist and you will not achieve anything and you will never allow any one else to achieve”. He cursed me and went ahead.

Without giving up, I asked the next guy, “Why are we running?” He said “Our legs are created for running and we have been trained to run and so we are running.”

“If we have been trained to stand, relax and sit then can we conclude that legs are for that only?”

“Your argument is eccentric, you could have asked this to some one who is sitting.” said he in a hostile tone.

I asked a man who is sitting by the side “Why all these people are running and why you are relaxing?”

He laughed and said” Is the question yours or some one else asked you this?”

“It is mine” I said.

“In that case, bury all that you know, close your eyes & ears and look in wards, deeper and deeper, concentrate, contemplate. You will understand everything.”

“Do all of you know the answers to those questions in your minds?”

He laughed and said “Not only among those who are here, but also among those who are running, there could be some one who knows the answers. But most of the people are seekers and some act as though they know the answer.”

I stopped running
I am not sitting
I am standing
I feel that I have understood everything.
I feel that I have not understood anything.

Ultimately it feels like back to square one.

(Translated from Tamil with permission from

My perception of the conclusion is as follows.

The person who can asks 'why' is awake and aware. If he wants to run he can, understanding the fact that the joy is in running. If he wants to sit and relax he can enjoy that too. Standing offers both choices to sit or to run.

So now I can join a Sri Krishna bajan, so that I sail with the devotees and get Prasatham (Snacks) which I relish much without bothering about Bagavat Gita.
(Ref. My post worshiping SriKrishna)

I can feel proud of the Microwave oven without ever using it.
(Ref: My post on How we add things to our houshold)

I can cherish as an employer and guide the employees to cherish too.
(Ref:My post on How much you cherish as an entrepreneur)

So I can stop giving suggestions, stop expressing the analytical outlook and confine to only appreciation & encouragement, so that I am liked by all.
I have to periodically endorse the views of the society.

So I feel the above passage explains how people get convinced .This will help the readers to learn perfectly to fit into the GLOBALISATION. If some one comes for counseling then we can understand what is expected out of us. They only need more points to justify their action and they look for endorsement, appreciation (without revealing that you have understood their clever manipulations and cunning moves)

We can encourage them to proceed in their chosen direction because there are always lakhs and crores of others ahead of them in the very same direction.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sentiments Behind Rasgolla.

Festivals are for rejoicing the relationship of our friends, relatives and professional associates. Gifts are mediums for expressing the love, affection and fellowship. It is customary in India to gift sweet boxes and make people around happy during festivals like Deepavali.

I have a practice of offering Rasgolla tins to all my employees and close relatives every Deepavali. I like the taste and rationally evaluated Rasgolla as the best sweet available based on so many considerations. Some dislike the taste of this sweet and when they receive a tin from me as Deepavali gift, force a smile and murmur a life less “Thank You”.

But there is a group of people who like Rasgolla like me. They wait for their turn and beam a smile that nullifies the hostile effect of the earlier group. Each one has his or her story behind this. When they go home the day before Deepavali, the family members some times even elderly people used to eagerly ask whether Rasgolla has come. Uncles and aunties after greeting over phone never miss to enquire about Rasgolla. Just like crackers and new clothes, Rasgolla has earned a position in their homes.

Everything seemed to go smooth. Suddenly one of my employees suggested me to change the sweet for something else. It was told to me that the Rasgolla is not used in their home since no one likes it and so they give to someone else. A few more also joined the objecting person and persuaded for a change. They substantiated with a different sentiment that they are not able to have what is being given by me -their leader.

I could not think of a different sweet. There are hundreds of sweets but all suffered from a disadvantage of a very short shelf life. The consistency in quality is another factor. Some times ago, for another festival I tried to give some other sweet. I selected a highly reputed outlet. These outlets are reputed but very conventional in their approach. They keep the customer waiting till they take out the sweets from the tray, weigh them and pack them. There used to be so many inefficient movements of the sales person and the customer's time is wasted. These outlets are in crowded places and one can never take a car near the outlets. When the requirement is more no. of packets the time is just massacred. There could be variation in quality because some quantity from the older stock can get mixed. The person receiving the old stock promptly informs the poor quality the very next morning.

Because the shelf life is less, one may have to consume the sweets within a day or two. For a day like Deepavali when there will be multiple sweet packet gifts, such loosely packed sweets may get wasted or given away to servant maids.

Rasgolla tins do not have any of these disadvantages. Rasgolla has added advantages like squeezing out the sugar syrup to suite to individual taste, almost looks like oil free,the colour is bright white, the packing is hygienic, some kind of quality assurance seal is there on the pack and a person like me proudly gifts this holding in mind that I am gifting the best that money could buy in terms of user- friendly calorific value sweets.

My business operation requires me to be 50% democratic. I cannot just ignore the sentiments of the group that dislike Rasgolla. I have to be assertive and should not deny the joy for those who relish the Rasgolla. I should honour my own taste and rational considerations. So I made the gift to contain one pack of Rasgolla and one pack of Gulab Jamun. So the democratic sentiments are protected.....I assumed.

The game of leadership appears to be highly creative, challenging and demanding out-of-the box thinking, even with respect to sentiments.

Friday, October 29, 2010

How we add things to our houshold.

It was a Saturday evening. My son, a very bright mechanical engineer had come for the weekend and just wanted to go out for dinner. On the way he asked his mother whether we can buy a microwave oven.

From the driving seat I replied that an offer like this should never be made to ladies since there is absolutely no likelihood for a ‘No’.

One could guess what could have been the reaction. My son started feeling that I am a little old fashioned and a hurdle in modernising the kitchen. My wife didn’t want to loose the pride of owning a microwave oven.

I tried to reason out my objections for two reasons.

1.Since the demand for the oven had not come from the lady who is supposed to use it, there is every likelihood that the equipment may not receive the attention that is required to put it to effective use.

2.I have not made any literature survey about this technology and do not have information about the mechanism, the advantages, the power consumption, the running cost and finally the effect on our health.

As a seasoned marketing professional I knew that many times the decision to buy a product is impulsive and rarely is it based on critical evaluation.

Now the impulse was there, the electronic money was ready and I was only asked to help in the selection process. I drove to a popular shop. As usual I could get a parking slot about half a kilometre away.

In the shop a number of makes were considered and finally we bought a machine which had all the features namely Convection, Grill and Microwave cooking.

A tri-cycle rickshaw puller was summoned to carry the carton containing the oven and the cookware to the car. The boy was smart and since I always enter into conversation with any one around ( more of listening than talking), he felt comfortable talking to me. He asked about the content in the cartons he carried. He recalled some sales guy’s sales talk that this is capable of cooking within minutes. Finally he asked me one single logical question,

‘Sir, since the cooking is very fast, will not the cooked food pose health hazards?’

I replied “I have not thought about it for the simple reason that this concept is used in developed countries. More over I don't think it is going to be used daily. Just for the pride of owning a Microwave oven we have bought this.”

For the question he posed, I gave Rs.5/- extra as tips and made him happy. I became thoughtful about the ovens utility.

After 1½ years, I recall that there has been very few occassions we made use of this equipement.

Is this how we add up things to our house. This leads me into an endless thinking on how much of materials people buy to feel proud rather to use.

Do you also want to be a proud owner of a Microwave oven like me ?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Science of Gayathri Manthra

A simple boon for common man
Gayathri Manthra is the prayer of United Smart Soft skills and I would like to put on this blog why at all we chose this.

The verse dates back to Rig Veda period when no religion was conceived. This was dedicated to this world by Brahma Rishi Maha Maha Viswamithra.

This is a basically a prayer and exercise to enhance the intelligence and increase the awareness, the fundamental requirements for soft skills.

How both are achieved by this manthra? Is it scientific or miraculous? When the mechanism of a miracle is understood it can be catagorised as scientific.

The manthra has four lines including the prefix called vyahruthi, the first line of vedic manthras.


The literal word by word meaning is as follows.

OM- The pranavam
Bhur- wake state
Bhuva: - dream state
Suva: -sleep state
Thath Savithur- That Savithur( SUN GOD)
Varennyam- the best bestowed
Dhiyoo- thought( intelligence)
Yo- which
Na: -our
Prachodhayath- stimulates.

The literal meaning can be comprehended as

Our consciousness exists in wake,dream and sleep states.
We meditate upon the best bestowed divine light of that Savithur( the Sun God) which stimulates our thoughts (intelligence).

The procedure is to stand in the sun light facing the sun, eyes closed and observe the brightness that penetrates through the eye lids and chant the manthra for 10, 28 or 108 times. The counting need not be concentrated and I think it is only to act as a measure of time. Nothing happens if you exceed by a few or short by one or two. 108 times need not be attempted. The long duration of 108 times is done by Hindu Pundits observing some more conditions. The suitable time is that between sun rise and up to three hours there after, and/or three hours before sun set to sun set.

The procedure is not recommended for children below age 5 years, pregnant women and women during mensturation.( I have not studied this group)

What happens when some one does this?

Our brain has distinctly two hemispheres, the right and the left. The left hemisphere is a store house of knowledge and the creation centre of the dreams or plans. The right hemisphere is responsible for the present moment living, the observation and the experiences every moment.

When one stands up to the procedure of the manthra the bright sun light, the brightnessof the order of 1,00,000 lux captures the right hemisphere and
the mind comes to the present moment and experiences the enormous energy of the Sun. Due to the residual bright light which can well be above 2500 lux entering through the eye lids and falling on the retina causes suppression of Melatonin and activates the secretion of Serotonin.

Melatonin suppression helps to over come the sleepy mood. Serotonin when secreted enhances the sharpness of the mind.

The Brahma Rishi has experienced this over and over again for a very long period and stated this secret in his verse. Because it is a verse it has not been misinterpreted and is available to us after thousands of years.

The above explanation is based on studies with bright light for treatment of SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder) a mental depression experienced by some individuals in winter when the sun shine is minimum.

The psychological aspect of the procedure can also be postulated based on simple psychological studies. If the hormone serotonin can be triggered and melatonin can be suppressed while chanting in bright sun shine, even when there is no bright sun shine, at the designated time when chanting is done the same hormone management can happen.

Once the observation is sharp and the mind is awake and the depression is over come, there is great way for intelligence.

When the present moment is experienced so completely, the divine powers just get down loaded into our system and the awareness of the self is enhanced to lead an intelligent life.

There are elaborate explanations to Gayathri Manthra and I hope this scientific explanation is the shortest that I could state after browsing through so much on the effect of light on us. My own five years of experiences and analysis are used to state the fact as true.

Why miss all these things by ignoring a prayer that takes lesser than our bathing time and does not have any preconditions and absolutely out of the boundaries of any religion. ( However Hinduism has widely adopted this manthra and the vedas are claimed to be the sacred Hindu religious verses.)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How much you Cherish as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a wonderful experience. If you are one who is in any manufacturing activity, you are doubly blessed, to feel happy about the products you manufacture and the customer satisfaction that your team produces.

The biggest right you have under the sun is to orient your organization in the direction of your dreams.

You may use any B-school jargons like mission or vision to make a show off that you have had the so called management education. Literally only your management skills make you cherish your higher platform and not your B-School scores.

You have a wonderful position giving you access to almost all those who are working towards the goals set by you and those who are outside too, helping you in your mission.

You enjoy the privilege of being driven internally by your own creative intelligence. You enjoy your unlimited freedom to live each and every moment as you wish creating new values, setting better examples and shouldering social responsibilities.

How to enhance the joy of this position? You may evaluate where you stand with respect to the following fundamental aspects.

1. Awareness:- To develop this skill you have to practice intense observation of all the activities, going around you. You may practice with little steps like observing a flower or a bird or any thing that is lively. Listen to the sounds around. This exercise can be carried out for small duration for a minute or two and as frequently as possible.
2. Observing your own emotions:

As a leader you have to guide, inspire and motivate your team. All these are passionate actions and should be done down-playing all your negative emotions like displeasure, anger, fear and worry. You can achieve this by being a spectator of your mind. Just observe the turmoil or the upbeat condition of the mind. React only when you are positively stimulated. If you have to eradicate a disturbing factor, then you should wait and act from a rational plane minimizing a negative emotional reaction.

3. Developing the habit of being considerate:

You may be very smart with respect to some specific jobs, some times technical, sometimes financial management and some times legal. However you cannot expect your subordinates to be as smart as you are. You have to be considerate and guide with a pleasant feeling. Ultimately the person working should feel comfortable to see you and not afraid of meeting you. Please try appreciating good performance not just flattery but whole hearted appreciation. Many leaders think that subordinates may take advantage if they are considerate. It is just a baseless fear.

4. Time you spend for your business.

It is most likely that your friends and relatives take it for granted that you are accessible at any time. Take efforts to discourage those who come and steal your office time for some thing not connected with your business. Spend quality time within the premises of your business and set a specific time for social activities and reciprocating relationship. This gives extra confidence to your team and business associates. Many entrepreneurs are seen to move out of the business premises without informing during active business hours when they are needed most by their team. The information on when they will come back is also kept as a secret. I have come across extreme cases when the MD will be sitting in a far away place and assuring that he would come soon. Basically you should develop faith on your team that they will work even in your absence. You have to acknowledge your duty as a Chief Executive Officer or if you have multiple business interest you can have an exclusive CEO for each business and get involved only in policy and finance leaving the day to administration to the CEO. Based on this you can choose your own designation, ED or MD.
5.Financial Commitments.

All the money that you have invested in your company is not yours but it is company’s. You can only draw some amount of profit. If you adopt this (difficult?) policy you can honour your financial commitments promptly. Then you can see no financial trouble. Bankers may not encourage this attitude because much of their business depends on breaching the financial commitments. By adopting the technique, your business circle expands exponentially and you command great respect. Some of the leading groups are noted for their financial commitments and they never take alibi for delayed payments. Your success very much depends on the success of your stake holders, viz. your employees, your sub contractors and your suppliers.

6.Continuous learning. Your position demands that you are ahead all the time with respect to technology of your manufacturing and technology adopted by your stake holders like banks, machinery and spares manufacturers. You should also be aware of developments in the field of energy and IT. In today’s trend you have to be constantly moving to keep your present position and run faster to go ahead. This necessitates you to interact with people from whom you can learn these things. Allot some quality time for this too.

7. Social networking:-

Get involved in some kind of social activities other than your business. This will bring good fellowship (You have to be choosy of course!). The good friends in different fields will help to increase your creativity.

Try some of these techniques. You will cherish how great your position as entrepreneur is. Believe that you are heading towards success. You will succeed.

Success is because of collective efforts and failure is because of one person’s mistake in any venture. The extent of failure depends on how high the erring executive is.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beware of Fancy education.

It appears to be so funny when I listen to the +2 passed guys spell out their choice of the branch of study they want to take up.

Some guys say that they want to take up bio-technology .

Some guys want only electronics and communication Engineering …!!!

If they say that they want to take up computer science, it sounds little logical, because they have some feel of the process of computer programming. But with near zero knowledge about ECE & Bio-tech how they have become passionate about these two branches?

There is one more comedy called bio informatics.

The colleges are definitely making huge collections exploiting this craze.

Once the guys finish their engineering, the management education craze starts. Most of the Management institutes have a single building, a medium size library, two class rooms and a small seminar hall. This is their infrastructure!! They collect astronomical fees of the order of 13 lakhs. to 16 lakhs.

A multi million racket is in place for looting money in the name of entrance examinations. Wasting so much of time on entrance examinations lakhs and lakhs of unsuccessful candidates gain absolutely nothing in terms of knowledge but gain an inferiority complex over the guys who could make it to some half baked management institutes.

If you look at where the guys are placed after their MBA’s is mostly in financial institutions.

Financial institutions also express their opinion that CA’s are better equipped to handle the job than any MBA. So the management institutes after swindling whooping millions can only offer second grade managers.

The saddest part is that for the so called ECE, Biotech and MBA the candidates take heavy loans from bank or drain the resources of their parents.

Of course some parents are so aggressive to see their sons and daughters as Management Executives at a very young age. Alas!
1.A management position is always strenuous.
2.Emotional Intelligence is a skill to be acquired by experience like car driving and cannot be learnt in colleges.
3.The charm and beauty of life will be lost if from the day one of employment the young people assume position of higher responsibility. This can be evidenced even in government services.

This phenomenon is greatly pampered by the materialistic society
because, the capitalists are not concerned about quality of life of their
Managers. They want some young horses to pull their dream Chariots of expansion and growth.

Unfortunately(fortunately?) at very young age the sons and daughters of the business men have to sit as The Boss in the company.

This should be the justification for the so called B-Schools and an MBA degree behind the name is the highest value jewel like GOLD.
Unfortunately the degree cannot be liquidated. The banks consider this and offer education loan if an immovable property is given as collateral security.

You may share my views or may contradict, but I finally hold on to the wisdom

“It is wiser to reach higher position in carrier with good bank balance, experience and people skill. It is unwise to aim for the same with loan balance and little experience and inadequate people skill”

Education is a continuous process and has to be pursued through out life.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Worshiping Sree Krishna

Some perceive Sree Krishna as the God, some adore him for he condensed the essence of Vedas and dedicated them through Baghavat Geeta, some try to establish that he is the Avatar of Perumal the Hindu God and thus tactfully restrict his great work only to the so called Vaishnavas a sect in Hinduism.

Some one wanted to release Sree Krishna’s works from Vaishnavas and formed International Society For Krishna Consciousness(ISKON). We have to; in a way appreciate the work of ISKON without which I would not have had the opportunity to buy Baghavat Geeta.

I bought this book from a guy who came to my door steps and solemnly pleaded that I take a copy for Rs.100/-. The only thought at that time was to just buy this book since I was taught in school that Bagavath Geeta is the holy book of Hindus. Since I was born as Hindu I thought at least I should read once what has been said in the holy book. I had completed two courses in Bible during my school days. There were also some portions of Ramayana and Mahabharata in some lessons and of course there are movies which I had to see accompanying my grandma. However no body has ever told what is in Baghavat Geeta.

Taking Rs.100/- from me the ISKON fellow gave me the book and left happily. I put the book in a book shelf and just forgot the whole thing.

I am very much interested in analysing the art of living. One fine day I bought a book titled ‘The Personality Plus’ by Florence Littauer. She had discussed about various personality traits and the book is interesting. After reading the book, perhaps a week later at mid night when I woke up to comfort myself I stamped on Hindu paper. In the dim light when I tried to identify and make sure it is only a daily, one of the column’s headlines struck my mind. The column was titled as ‘Geeta speaks on Personality’. There were no much details but the author referred the readers to chapter 14 in Geeta. I immediately searched for my copy to validate what has been said. All the facts discussed in Personality Plus was discussed and I was amazed. So immediately my mind said that I must read Geeta for it could have more interesting facts than what ever perception I had.

It was difficult, for in most places the author who tried to translate was too elaborate and talking many things obscure and not connected to Geeta. One thing nice about the presentation was that it had the Sanskrit verse in place and the meaning of each and every word is given below. The translation of the verse is also given.

I am fortunate for I can read Devanagri script due to my special tutorials in Hindi. The book was interesting and I read the verses at random skipping many and pondering over a few. I could feel that the translator was talking rubbish in certain places and so I started to read the words and understand the meaning of the words and then try to validate the translator. Krishna made sense while the translator was far from sensible translations.

Unlike any other book Geeta has been translated with lot of personal motives and the translations were to make the reader believe that Krishna is the Saviour. The style is to emphasis in many places that we should serve the God and so on. There are attempts to make one think that the ISKON is the only way to GOD.

Truth is never static because things are changing fast. Mind accumulates the changes and truth is a dynamic phenomenon. So the verses should have to be understood in the correct perspective.
However some fundamentals which can be understood by anybody with some amount of introspection into the self can be defined.

The verses beautifully explain the fundamentals. No religion is emphasised, no ritual is advocated, no path is defined but fundamentals of actions, their root and the effects are explained.
Geeta is a store house of down-to-earth philosophy. Spiritual is down to earth and not some thing connected with celestially unknown things.

I am enlightened by the verses. I have written this to create awareness that the real honour to Sree Krishna is trying to understand the fundamentals stated by him.

Instead, what is happening around? We build temples, perform poojas and expect miracles. We believe that by performing poojas miracles will happen and Krishna will bring about miracles.

We are made to believe that by singing bajans in the name of Krishna our souls will be purified. We will get peace of mind.

The spiritual leaders want all these things because the rituals and bajans will give any body a state of tranquillity. This is the instant benefit and people will be addicted to this and they will fall into their trap. So the spiritual business thus thrives at the cost of ignorance.

If you can understand this, unearth the Geeta from the burial grounds of these rituals, try to understand, form a SATSANG to discuss and debate on the philosophy, you will understand that you are within GOD and God is within you. This will be the honour to Sree Krishna. Getting contended with the rituals is the abuse to him.

Awake from the tranquillity created by the religious leaders and appreciate BAGHAVAT GEETA