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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some thoughts to share about the recent Lok Sabha Election Results.

At last majority Indians lost faith in the Congress Government and have opted an alternative. The victory of NDA is tremendous. NDA 337 seats and BJP alone 283 seats puts the BJP in absolute majority. So India is going to see a dynamic Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi and so we can look out for many changes and rapid growth. 

Mr.Modi’s election campaigning was simply awesome. He travelled nook and corner of the country and addressed huge gathering. The majority who has voted for BJP and NDA were eager to see a drastic change in the government and Mr. Modi is the leader they long to try in the interest of the country. 

So BJP will form a very stable parliament with Mr.Modi as Prime Minister. Mr.Modi has a proven track record in Gujarat for his rapid action and great developments. He has to be even more aggressive to see things happen nationally. There is always the state Government and some of them might cooperate and others will simply go on their own proven inefficient ways. Better state governance under the directions of centre is possible if the state government is also BJP. The non BJP governments will try to save their vote bank by projecting that with lot of difficulties they are bringing in benefits from central government. There is a possibility that they will also propagate that the BJP government in the centre is not giving any support to the state government even if the central government offers them the best support for progress.

This scenario could prevail in Tamilnadu because 37 seats out of 39 is won by the AIADMK. No one is going to be minister from Tamilnadu.  Because many of the elected MPs might lack communication skills in Hindi they may not be able to represent Tamilnadu in a fitting way. 

However the strong vote bank and caste and linguistic based political scenario in Tamilnadu can only produce this result. It appears that in a vote bank politics the national interest and state interest comes only secondary. People have not understood what is state government and what is central government or they do not want two bosses at the same time.

Though Mr. Modi and Ms. Jayalalitha are said to be in very good terms, there is no need for AIADMK’s support to the formation of NDA government at the centre. So the people of Tamilnadu may not take any active role in the progress of India during Mr.Modi’s tenure.
We have to wait and see what ever happens. Jai Hind.