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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Punctuality is a trait that appears to be personal and inter personnel. Personally one could feel proud about being punctual. However when there is a phone call or some unexpected guest reaching , keeping up the time becomes difficult. In the present life, amidst the electronic boxes viz. Mobile phones, TVs and Computers, stress to maintain punctuality is high. When an individual's mind is strongly habituated to observe punctuality, ways to do things in time is automatically devised. However, compliance of the ways very much depends on people around including those who can access on mobile phones.

When one observes punctuality very strictly,some times people who have to go with us may feel comfortable and some times they may feel uncomfortable and even let down .

The stress to maintain time increases as the no. of people involved are more.

If we fail to maintain punctuality, there is huge collective interference loss of time.

For instance if three people are to leave to a place and they are getting delayed by 5 minutes due to one among them, the collective time lost is 2 X 5= 10 human minutes.

If a teacher comes late by 5 minutes to a class of 50 students, the collective time lost is 250 human minutes. If a person who is to address a large meeting of 1000 delegates is late by just 2 min. the collective time lost is 2000 human minutes.

To observe punctuality one may experience enormous stress,however the collective gain in time due to punctuality absorbs all the stress associated. One can feel proud of this trait.