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Sunday, December 5, 2010

My first step towards learning soft skills.

As expressed by an eager participant

The school management felt an urgent need to train us on soft skills so that we the teachers can perform better and the students excellence can go up.

It was decided to get the services of United Soft Skills to achieve this.

Twenty five teachers handling class LKG to 10th standard Matriculation stream of education were selected for the series program. On the first day there were sessions on Listening skills and communication skills. The atmosphere was cool. The faculties were dedicated to their mission. The slide presentations were colorful.

I was very happy with the sessions and when a feed back report was asked for, I was enthusiastic to prepare the best. Language was a barrier because there were better qualified among the group but my enthusiasm was up beat. Suddenly I could remember the faculty stating that some times communication can happen even with limited language skills!

Is it true ? Is this the kind of feeling one experiences when there is enthusiasm ?

I prepared the report and made it look beautiful. I underlined the key phrases. The school management has told that our feedback will be evaluated by three faculties. I expected that my response will definitely be selected in the best category.

When the faculty sat to go through the responses, I think that my report also should have scored high because the key phrases were in place and the report was beautiful. My enthusiasm should have popped up beyond the language.

It was Friday evening. Some of the teachers approached the Director of the school to schedule the program not on a Saturday which is a holiday but on a working day. I was looking at the program as a unique opportunity to develop one self and should not be mistaken as a one for improving the knowledge skills. The Director wanted the participants to come forward willingly allocating their personal time wholeheartedly. 

I was really anxious because such a representation to the director should not result in cancellation of the program. Nothing like that happened and the Director allowed the teachers to come in the dress of their liking and also offered the refreshment of their choice but wanted every one of us to come on Saturday.

I heaved a sigh of relief. The sessions will be continued and the participants were expected to be in the meeting hall exactly at 9.30 AM

On the next day I was very happy to wear a dress I liked most. I was in the meeting hall at 9.20 AM and I was the first. The Director came at 9.30 AM and was simply taken aback to see only me and a few more teachers. He was personally disturbed because the faculties who are used to large audience may not like to address a small group.

The first faculty was expected at 10.30 AM. The Director had planned to give gifts to all those who have submitted the feed back report and wanted to share his views between 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM.

He left a word with me to report to him at 10.00 AM and left the hall. When he came back there were about 20 plus participants and he resolved to start the session.

The first thing he spoke was about my report. He appreciated it heartily. I was very much pleased. The USS faculty reached at 10.30 and joined the meeting. He also appreciated my efforts.

So I was personally happy that I satisfy all the criteria to learn soft skills since I was in time, I was involved , attentive, could recollect and report what I have learnt.

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