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Saturday, November 27, 2010

VAIGAI VISWANATHAN Unites with us on LISTEN, ASK, DEMAND Nov.27,2010

A section of Trainees at Communication Session Nov.27, 2010

Session on Communication skills Pic1&2Nov27,2010

During Soft Skills Training To Teachers of Meenakshi Matriculation
Higher Secondary School
 Er. K.Muthuraju, Er.Venkat. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lakhs & Crores of people are ahead of me and lakhs are behind me, we are all running

“Where are we going?” I asked some one by my side.

“People ahead of us are clear about the destination, they know everything. So we are following them.”

“People behind us can also think like that, so could the assumption be wrong?” I said.

He stared at me and started running.

“What can we see at the end of our journey?” I enquired another.

“You can reach glittering heaven and God will welcome us there”.

“Is there any one who has seen this and returned or some one who can confirm this?”

“You are an atheist and you will not achieve anything and you will never allow any one else to achieve”. He cursed me and went ahead.

Without giving up, I asked the next guy, “Why are we running?” He said “Our legs are created for running and we have been trained to run and so we are running.”

“If we have been trained to stand, relax and sit then can we conclude that legs are for that only?”

“Your argument is eccentric, you could have asked this to some one who is sitting.” said he in a hostile tone.

I asked a man who is sitting by the side “Why all these people are running and why you are relaxing?”

He laughed and said” Is the question yours or some one else asked you this?”

“It is mine” I said.

“In that case, bury all that you know, close your eyes & ears and look in wards, deeper and deeper, concentrate, contemplate. You will understand everything.”

“Do all of you know the answers to those questions in your minds?”

He laughed and said “Not only among those who are here, but also among those who are running, there could be some one who knows the answers. But most of the people are seekers and some act as though they know the answer.”

I stopped running
I am not sitting
I am standing
I feel that I have understood everything.
I feel that I have not understood anything.

Ultimately it feels like back to square one.

(Translated from Tamil with permission from

My perception of the conclusion is as follows.

The person who can asks 'why' is awake and aware. If he wants to run he can, understanding the fact that the joy is in running. If he wants to sit and relax he can enjoy that too. Standing offers both choices to sit or to run.

So now I can join a Sri Krishna bajan, so that I sail with the devotees and get Prasatham (Snacks) which I relish much without bothering about Bagavat Gita.
(Ref. My post worshiping SriKrishna)

I can feel proud of the Microwave oven without ever using it.
(Ref: My post on How we add things to our houshold)

I can cherish as an employer and guide the employees to cherish too.
(Ref:My post on How much you cherish as an entrepreneur)

So I can stop giving suggestions, stop expressing the analytical outlook and confine to only appreciation & encouragement, so that I am liked by all.
I have to periodically endorse the views of the society.

So I feel the above passage explains how people get convinced .This will help the readers to learn perfectly to fit into the GLOBALISATION. If some one comes for counseling then we can understand what is expected out of us. They only need more points to justify their action and they look for endorsement, appreciation (without revealing that you have understood their clever manipulations and cunning moves)

We can encourage them to proceed in their chosen direction because there are always lakhs and crores of others ahead of them in the very same direction.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sentiments Behind Rasgolla.

Festivals are for rejoicing the relationship of our friends, relatives and professional associates. Gifts are mediums for expressing the love, affection and fellowship. It is customary in India to gift sweet boxes and make people around happy during festivals like Deepavali.

I have a practice of offering Rasgolla tins to all my employees and close relatives every Deepavali. I like the taste and rationally evaluated Rasgolla as the best sweet available based on so many considerations. Some dislike the taste of this sweet and when they receive a tin from me as Deepavali gift, force a smile and murmur a life less “Thank You”.

But there is a group of people who like Rasgolla like me. They wait for their turn and beam a smile that nullifies the hostile effect of the earlier group. Each one has his or her story behind this. When they go home the day before Deepavali, the family members some times even elderly people used to eagerly ask whether Rasgolla has come. Uncles and aunties after greeting over phone never miss to enquire about Rasgolla. Just like crackers and new clothes, Rasgolla has earned a position in their homes.

Everything seemed to go smooth. Suddenly one of my employees suggested me to change the sweet for something else. It was told to me that the Rasgolla is not used in their home since no one likes it and so they give to someone else. A few more also joined the objecting person and persuaded for a change. They substantiated with a different sentiment that they are not able to have what is being given by me -their leader.

I could not think of a different sweet. There are hundreds of sweets but all suffered from a disadvantage of a very short shelf life. The consistency in quality is another factor. Some times ago, for another festival I tried to give some other sweet. I selected a highly reputed outlet. These outlets are reputed but very conventional in their approach. They keep the customer waiting till they take out the sweets from the tray, weigh them and pack them. There used to be so many inefficient movements of the sales person and the customer's time is wasted. These outlets are in crowded places and one can never take a car near the outlets. When the requirement is more no. of packets the time is just massacred. There could be variation in quality because some quantity from the older stock can get mixed. The person receiving the old stock promptly informs the poor quality the very next morning.

Because the shelf life is less, one may have to consume the sweets within a day or two. For a day like Deepavali when there will be multiple sweet packet gifts, such loosely packed sweets may get wasted or given away to servant maids.

Rasgolla tins do not have any of these disadvantages. Rasgolla has added advantages like squeezing out the sugar syrup to suite to individual taste, almost looks like oil free,the colour is bright white, the packing is hygienic, some kind of quality assurance seal is there on the pack and a person like me proudly gifts this holding in mind that I am gifting the best that money could buy in terms of user- friendly calorific value sweets.

My business operation requires me to be 50% democratic. I cannot just ignore the sentiments of the group that dislike Rasgolla. I have to be assertive and should not deny the joy for those who relish the Rasgolla. I should honour my own taste and rational considerations. So I made the gift to contain one pack of Rasgolla and one pack of Gulab Jamun. So the democratic sentiments are protected.....I assumed.

The game of leadership appears to be highly creative, challenging and demanding out-of-the box thinking, even with respect to sentiments.