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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beware of Fancy education.

It appears to be so funny when I listen to the +2 passed guys spell out their choice of the branch of study they want to take up.

Some guys say that they want to take up bio-technology .

Some guys want only electronics and communication Engineering …!!!

If they say that they want to take up computer science, it sounds little logical, because they have some feel of the process of computer programming. But with near zero knowledge about ECE & Bio-tech how they have become passionate about these two branches?

There is one more comedy called bio informatics.

The colleges are definitely making huge collections exploiting this craze.

Once the guys finish their engineering, the management education craze starts. Most of the Management institutes have a single building, a medium size library, two class rooms and a small seminar hall. This is their infrastructure!! They collect astronomical fees of the order of 13 lakhs. to 16 lakhs.

A multi million racket is in place for looting money in the name of entrance examinations. Wasting so much of time on entrance examinations lakhs and lakhs of unsuccessful candidates gain absolutely nothing in terms of knowledge but gain an inferiority complex over the guys who could make it to some half baked management institutes.

If you look at where the guys are placed after their MBA’s is mostly in financial institutions.

Financial institutions also express their opinion that CA’s are better equipped to handle the job than any MBA. So the management institutes after swindling whooping millions can only offer second grade managers.

The saddest part is that for the so called ECE, Biotech and MBA the candidates take heavy loans from bank or drain the resources of their parents.

Of course some parents are so aggressive to see their sons and daughters as Management Executives at a very young age. Alas!
1.A management position is always strenuous.
2.Emotional Intelligence is a skill to be acquired by experience like car driving and cannot be learnt in colleges.
3.The charm and beauty of life will be lost if from the day one of employment the young people assume position of higher responsibility. This can be evidenced even in government services.

This phenomenon is greatly pampered by the materialistic society
because, the capitalists are not concerned about quality of life of their
Managers. They want some young horses to pull their dream Chariots of expansion and growth.

Unfortunately(fortunately?) at very young age the sons and daughters of the business men have to sit as The Boss in the company.

This should be the justification for the so called B-Schools and an MBA degree behind the name is the highest value jewel like GOLD.
Unfortunately the degree cannot be liquidated. The banks consider this and offer education loan if an immovable property is given as collateral security.

You may share my views or may contradict, but I finally hold on to the wisdom

“It is wiser to reach higher position in carrier with good bank balance, experience and people skill. It is unwise to aim for the same with loan balance and little experience and inadequate people skill”

Education is a continuous process and has to be pursued through out life.