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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finding the right person to lead your team.

All organisations big and small are confronted with the task of finding a suitable person as a team leader. The requirement could be in any level. Each organisation might be having a set of criteria for selecting a suitable person. The following criteria appears to be most vital since experience says that the collapse of a team is because of serious mistakes in any one of these considerations.

The qualities that are required.

The person should have good understanding of the four aspects viz. importance of social values, the importance of money ,the importance of enjoyment and the value of human life. A person who does not understand social values may irritate his subordinates by not recognising their social obligations. Money is a scarce resource and using it effectively by itself will set a good culture. An understanding of the need for optimum pleasure, indulgence and enjoyment is a must. An understanding of the value of human life is very important so that at any level the safety precautions required is not neglected. The empathy in case somebody is ill or wounded will boost moral in the team.

The family back ground is also very important especially for higher administrative positions. The psychological values set during childhood determines how much one is careful in making decisions. This cannot be compensated by any training.

The person might have had the best education. But the knowledge what is required for the particular job may not be adequate. So he must have the attitude to learn what he has missed and master the knowledge required for the job.

With respect to attitude there will be positive mental attitude and negative mental attitude. Both should be considered critically and the choice is to be made. Negative attitude like dominating attitude is some times required for some positions which requires a commanding posture.So depending on the job requirement suitablity of attitude is to be decided.

In spite of exercising meticulous care in selecting a person, some times the person might behave differently. If such behaviour is noticed during the probationary period, the candidate may have to be rejected because all these selection criteria supersede the actual behaviour. A probation period and critical observation of the behaviour during this period is mandatory.

Under what criteria a candidate may have to be rejected.

Candidates who are very poor and also do not have any friends and relatives should not be chosen for leadership positions.

Some candidates might be poor but because of their good attitude, they will have many friends and helping relatives. They would have achieved many things because of the support from the friends and relatives. Since they have support of people and a good track record for inter personnel relationship they should not be rejected.

Some might be rich but will have very few friends and relatives. In spite of their rich back ground because of their poor interpersonal skills they stand to be rejected.

If for some reason, a selection is made on recommendation or favouritism, or because of liking for that individual, in spite of poor knowledge and skills required for the position, lot of perpetual complications can arise that will turn stupid and unmanageable.

We can see the downfall of many family businesses and even some empires due to this single reason of succession of an incompetent person.

If due to urgency or some other reason if a team lead is selected without knowing his back ground, qualification and all other aforesaid criteria, the entire organisation including the next generations will suffer. This is the typical phenomenon in politics in many countries.

This situation arises in many business also if suddenly some thing happens to the top leader and he or she is not able to come to work.

If a selection results in choosing an incompetent person, he can be accommodated in some other suitable area rather than allowing to continue in the position initially placed.

The incompetency should not be concluded based on some doubts. Doubting a person who has been selected after due consideration will give endless troubles similar to selecting a person without above critical considerations. Incompetency should be concluded based on the approaches and the results that have followed.

The team leader should be selected with due consideration of the above aspects and should be left to himself with adequate independence to prove his ability.