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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Worshiping Sree Krishna

Some perceive Sree Krishna as the God, some adore him for he condensed the essence of Vedas and dedicated them through Baghavat Geeta, some try to establish that he is the Avatar of Perumal the Hindu God and thus tactfully restrict his great work only to the so called Vaishnavas a sect in Hinduism.

Some one wanted to release Sree Krishna’s works from Vaishnavas and formed International Society For Krishna Consciousness(ISKON). We have to; in a way appreciate the work of ISKON without which I would not have had the opportunity to buy Baghavat Geeta.

I bought this book from a guy who came to my door steps and solemnly pleaded that I take a copy for Rs.100/-. The only thought at that time was to just buy this book since I was taught in school that Bagavath Geeta is the holy book of Hindus. Since I was born as Hindu I thought at least I should read once what has been said in the holy book. I had completed two courses in Bible during my school days. There were also some portions of Ramayana and Mahabharata in some lessons and of course there are movies which I had to see accompanying my grandma. However no body has ever told what is in Baghavat Geeta.

Taking Rs.100/- from me the ISKON fellow gave me the book and left happily. I put the book in a book shelf and just forgot the whole thing.

I am very much interested in analysing the art of living. One fine day I bought a book titled ‘The Personality Plus’ by Florence Littauer. She had discussed about various personality traits and the book is interesting. After reading the book, perhaps a week later at mid night when I woke up to comfort myself I stamped on Hindu paper. In the dim light when I tried to identify and make sure it is only a daily, one of the column’s headlines struck my mind. The column was titled as ‘Geeta speaks on Personality’. There were no much details but the author referred the readers to chapter 14 in Geeta. I immediately searched for my copy to validate what has been said. All the facts discussed in Personality Plus was discussed and I was amazed. So immediately my mind said that I must read Geeta for it could have more interesting facts than what ever perception I had.

It was difficult, for in most places the author who tried to translate was too elaborate and talking many things obscure and not connected to Geeta. One thing nice about the presentation was that it had the Sanskrit verse in place and the meaning of each and every word is given below. The translation of the verse is also given.

I am fortunate for I can read Devanagri script due to my special tutorials in Hindi. The book was interesting and I read the verses at random skipping many and pondering over a few. I could feel that the translator was talking rubbish in certain places and so I started to read the words and understand the meaning of the words and then try to validate the translator. Krishna made sense while the translator was far from sensible translations.

Unlike any other book Geeta has been translated with lot of personal motives and the translations were to make the reader believe that Krishna is the Saviour. The style is to emphasis in many places that we should serve the God and so on. There are attempts to make one think that the ISKON is the only way to GOD.

Truth is never static because things are changing fast. Mind accumulates the changes and truth is a dynamic phenomenon. So the verses should have to be understood in the correct perspective.
However some fundamentals which can be understood by anybody with some amount of introspection into the self can be defined.

The verses beautifully explain the fundamentals. No religion is emphasised, no ritual is advocated, no path is defined but fundamentals of actions, their root and the effects are explained.
Geeta is a store house of down-to-earth philosophy. Spiritual is down to earth and not some thing connected with celestially unknown things.

I am enlightened by the verses. I have written this to create awareness that the real honour to Sree Krishna is trying to understand the fundamentals stated by him.

Instead, what is happening around? We build temples, perform poojas and expect miracles. We believe that by performing poojas miracles will happen and Krishna will bring about miracles.

We are made to believe that by singing bajans in the name of Krishna our souls will be purified. We will get peace of mind.

The spiritual leaders want all these things because the rituals and bajans will give any body a state of tranquillity. This is the instant benefit and people will be addicted to this and they will fall into their trap. So the spiritual business thus thrives at the cost of ignorance.

If you can understand this, unearth the Geeta from the burial grounds of these rituals, try to understand, form a SATSANG to discuss and debate on the philosophy, you will understand that you are within GOD and God is within you. This will be the honour to Sree Krishna. Getting contended with the rituals is the abuse to him.

Awake from the tranquillity created by the religious leaders and appreciate BAGHAVAT GEETA


  1. I saw you on Shift Movement and liked what you had to say there so I checked out your blog and here I am. I have close friends associated with ISKON however I am more of a mind similar to yours. I do not believe any being imbued with a personality could ever be all powerful or all knowing, however I do think there is an extra dimensional entity which others have mistakenly ascribed those attributes to, and I also believe that the function of any wise being is that of stewardship and in so far as Krishna is supposedly a reincarnation of Vishnu and Vishnu is the maintainer of the Universe then it seems to me that the Hindu description of God as Vishnu (the Steward) is probably one of the more accurate descriptions of the Great Spirit (God) available to us as long as we understand that this being is very wise and very powerful but not omnipotent. Personalities are to be befriended, not worshipped.

    1. Though you have not revealed your identity, you concluded your comment saying that you believe that the function of wise being is that of stewardship.

      You can find this idea reflected in my blog posts on Gayathri Mantra. In fact there is a mention of Gayathri mantra in Bagavath Geeta. Sree Krishna while describing his various forms says that in mantra's He is Gayathri.

      Thank you for your reflections bold and beautiful.