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Friday, October 29, 2010

How we add things to our houshold.

It was a Saturday evening. My son, a very bright mechanical engineer had come for the weekend and just wanted to go out for dinner. On the way he asked his mother whether we can buy a microwave oven.

From the driving seat I replied that an offer like this should never be made to ladies since there is absolutely no likelihood for a ‘No’.

One could guess what could have been the reaction. My son started feeling that I am a little old fashioned and a hurdle in modernising the kitchen. My wife didn’t want to loose the pride of owning a microwave oven.

I tried to reason out my objections for two reasons.

1.Since the demand for the oven had not come from the lady who is supposed to use it, there is every likelihood that the equipment may not receive the attention that is required to put it to effective use.

2.I have not made any literature survey about this technology and do not have information about the mechanism, the advantages, the power consumption, the running cost and finally the effect on our health.

As a seasoned marketing professional I knew that many times the decision to buy a product is impulsive and rarely is it based on critical evaluation.

Now the impulse was there, the electronic money was ready and I was only asked to help in the selection process. I drove to a popular shop. As usual I could get a parking slot about half a kilometre away.

In the shop a number of makes were considered and finally we bought a machine which had all the features namely Convection, Grill and Microwave cooking.

A tri-cycle rickshaw puller was summoned to carry the carton containing the oven and the cookware to the car. The boy was smart and since I always enter into conversation with any one around ( more of listening than talking), he felt comfortable talking to me. He asked about the content in the cartons he carried. He recalled some sales guy’s sales talk that this is capable of cooking within minutes. Finally he asked me one single logical question,

‘Sir, since the cooking is very fast, will not the cooked food pose health hazards?’

I replied “I have not thought about it for the simple reason that this concept is used in developed countries. More over I don't think it is going to be used daily. Just for the pride of owning a Microwave oven we have bought this.”

For the question he posed, I gave Rs.5/- extra as tips and made him happy. I became thoughtful about the ovens utility.

After 1½ years, I recall that there has been very few occassions we made use of this equipement.

Is this how we add up things to our house. This leads me into an endless thinking on how much of materials people buy to feel proud rather to use.

Do you also want to be a proud owner of a Microwave oven like me ?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Science of Gayathri Manthra

A simple boon for common man
Gayathri Manthra is the prayer of United Smart Soft skills and I would like to put on this blog why at all we chose this.

The verse dates back to Rig Veda period when no religion was conceived. This was dedicated to this world by Brahma Rishi Maha Maha Viswamithra.

This is a basically a prayer and exercise to enhance the intelligence and increase the awareness, the fundamental requirements for soft skills.

How both are achieved by this manthra? Is it scientific or miraculous? When the mechanism of a miracle is understood it can be catagorised as scientific.

The manthra has four lines including the prefix called vyahruthi, the first line of vedic manthras.


The literal word by word meaning is as follows.

OM- The pranavam
Bhur- wake state
Bhuva: - dream state
Suva: -sleep state
Thath Savithur- That Savithur( SUN GOD)
Varennyam- the best bestowed
Dhiyoo- thought( intelligence)
Yo- which
Na: -our
Prachodhayath- stimulates.

The literal meaning can be comprehended as

Our consciousness exists in wake,dream and sleep states.
We meditate upon the best bestowed divine light of that Savithur( the Sun God) which stimulates our thoughts (intelligence).

The procedure is to stand in the sun light facing the sun, eyes closed and observe the brightness that penetrates through the eye lids and chant the manthra for 10, 28 or 108 times. The counting need not be concentrated and I think it is only to act as a measure of time. Nothing happens if you exceed by a few or short by one or two. 108 times need not be attempted. The long duration of 108 times is done by Hindu Pundits observing some more conditions. The suitable time is that between sun rise and up to three hours there after, and/or three hours before sun set to sun set.

The procedure is not recommended for children below age 5 years, pregnant women and women during mensturation.( I have not studied this group)

What happens when some one does this?

Our brain has distinctly two hemispheres, the right and the left. The left hemisphere is a store house of knowledge and the creation centre of the dreams or plans. The right hemisphere is responsible for the present moment living, the observation and the experiences every moment.

When one stands up to the procedure of the manthra the bright sun light, the brightnessof the order of 1,00,000 lux captures the right hemisphere and
the mind comes to the present moment and experiences the enormous energy of the Sun. Due to the residual bright light which can well be above 2500 lux entering through the eye lids and falling on the retina causes suppression of Melatonin and activates the secretion of Serotonin.

Melatonin suppression helps to over come the sleepy mood. Serotonin when secreted enhances the sharpness of the mind.

The Brahma Rishi has experienced this over and over again for a very long period and stated this secret in his verse. Because it is a verse it has not been misinterpreted and is available to us after thousands of years.

The above explanation is based on studies with bright light for treatment of SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder) a mental depression experienced by some individuals in winter when the sun shine is minimum.

The psychological aspect of the procedure can also be postulated based on simple psychological studies. If the hormone serotonin can be triggered and melatonin can be suppressed while chanting in bright sun shine, even when there is no bright sun shine, at the designated time when chanting is done the same hormone management can happen.

Once the observation is sharp and the mind is awake and the depression is over come, there is great way for intelligence.

When the present moment is experienced so completely, the divine powers just get down loaded into our system and the awareness of the self is enhanced to lead an intelligent life.

There are elaborate explanations to Gayathri Manthra and I hope this scientific explanation is the shortest that I could state after browsing through so much on the effect of light on us. My own five years of experiences and analysis are used to state the fact as true.

Why miss all these things by ignoring a prayer that takes lesser than our bathing time and does not have any preconditions and absolutely out of the boundaries of any religion. ( However Hinduism has widely adopted this manthra and the vedas are claimed to be the sacred Hindu religious verses.)