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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The joy of sharing my Deepavali Gift

A friend of mine wished me Happy Deepavali for next twelve years starting with this year,

Another one wished me to be blessed with 16 fortunes as defined by Indian mythology,

There was an offer for CASH defined as C- care, A-affection, S-smiles and H-hugs,

There were fountain crackers and butterflies wishing colourful Deepavali through SMS

The wishes came from north,east, south and west surrounding me in all directions

The close ones called me over phone to express the best wishes and get wished spontaneously

The air and ether are filled with waves of happy wishes available to all and in plenty

Now it is my turn to share all these with all those whom I meet through this post,

When we earn more we get tuned to share and become joyous in giving and sharing

It appears that festivals are there to give and share and not to look for what we get.

Let me be blessed with the joy of sharing that is eternal and could even be immortal.

( The 16 fortunes are 1. Education, 2. Intelligence,3. Longevity,4.Skills,5.Youth 6. Courage 7.Pride,8.Gold,9.Materials,10.Fame, 11.Land,12.Good children, 13.Good habits, 14.Good health,15. Great attitude and 16.Success)