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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dangerous dreams.

When I wrote greatly about the power of dreams I ended up the previous blog post suggesting to dream to lead, to give and to help. Then the dreams will not be selfish but will be for the common cause. Comforts in life can be acquired by giving and need not be through cheating, swindling or through atrocious activities.

Political power, bureaucratic power,money power and even positional advantage can make people arrogant and when they act from that plane, the common man or people below do not have any means to object the behaviour. This is what we are witnessing all over the world. In places where the government is formed by better leaders and when people are prepared to fight collectively for their rights, the standard of living, the roads and other infrastructure and also the government administration is very good and the nation becomes a super power.

Dream of a common man to live in better environment can quickly see him out of the troubled surroundings. This means if our younger generation understands the power of dreams and when they loose faith in their surroundings to achieve their dreams, they migrate out. This migration is worse for the home land.

In many families also, because of selfish dreams of the narrow minded members, others might get exploited. However when the exploited ones start dreaming to escape out of the situation, their dreams come true. Escaping out of a difficult situation is not the end but only a beginning. But the exploited take this for the end and peacefully start resting after they are out of the difficulties.

Dream is like Midas touch. So we may have to be careful and exercise caution to mix love and consideration. Any achievement should be the residue of the good things after sharing the major portion with the society.

In most of the commercial ventures, the net profit will be between 5% to 30% of the turnover. Even if there is greater profit, the government takes a comfortable portion by way of income tax. So the surplus that is left in the venture is only the residue.

When the commercial venture is inconsiderate and when people become greedy, the profit can go very high and except the owners, the other stake holders of the venture viz. employees, suppliers, customers, service providers and who ever is directly or indirectly involved will suffer a lot.

Man kind has had many set backs and there has been loss of millions and millions of lives due to selfish dreams of people like Hitler, Alexander and even Ashoka. All called themselves great warriors but they were only greedy dictators and ruthless warriors. In his later age Ashoka started following Buddhism and did lot of good things to the people. Fortunately, disease killed Alexander and his own ego made Hitler kill himself at fairly early ages. The self centered dreams are not only dangerous but all the achievements go waste.

It requires a greater will power to dream out of difficult situation. The strong dream is epidemic in nature and will take root in others also. When people start believing in your dreams they join together and provide synergy which can help to achieve much greater results than even what you could dream.

Some people set very greedy goals, start exploiting the masses and disturb the peace. Even now it has not come to an end. Earlier it was killing but now it is commercial exploitation. The media spreads filth and is getting established. This is absolutely to the advantage of the rulers. In developed countries most people are aware of this and not addicted to media. But in under developed countries because of a strong culture that discourages dreams, media exploits the masses.

Religious leaders are greedy to have followers and teach people to be stress free. Dream will definitely give stress so that one will act. The stress is to be understood and it gets relieved when the performance starts. Dreams that are going to revolutionize the way we live should not be suppressed. If there is no stress we will be like plants. As animals, our creator has made us to have stress, passion and emotion.

Let us understand dreams and channelize our efforts in the direction of development.

Let us quickly opt out of massive exploitations.