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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Gods of Health

Most of us have great faith on God. Being pious is a comforting feeling and adds to the psychological strength. If we have some problems, we pray God and we believe that our prayer is heard. Most of the time the problem get solved or we accept the bad results as our fate.

Similar faith we seem to build on the doctors. If we are ill we go to doctors and religiously obey their words and gulp what ever they give as medicines. I have asked many of my friends and acquaintances, who are under treatment for some common ailments like fever about the medicines they take. Even well educated people are ignorant of the names of the medicines they take.

So people have great faith in doctors and this really makes doctors to behave like super human beings in charge of the life and health of living beings. In this part of the world where I live doctors want every one of their patients to patiently wait for hours in the ill equipped waiting room. Friends are no exception to this general waiting rules. The more popular a doctor is, the more is the waiting time. I have bitter waiting experience of waiting even 4 hours accompanying some of my friends.

When we get inside the consulting room, many times we can a see a peculiarly dressed person called 'Medical Representative' sitting in front of the doctor and chanting some English Mantras holding a colourful pamphlet. The doctor never lends any attention to all these comedy but is concerned about the samples he is going to get from this guy. This guy is under tremendous pressure to make the doctor prescribe his company's medicines. The gullible patients may have to shell out hefty amounts for these medicines they may not need at all.

After this ceremony we might receive a puzzling look and immediately he will ask some questions and write his prescription which only the medical store fellow can make out. The doctor will not explain any thing about medicine and all the more most of us do not want to know why each medicine is administered in to our body. We have faith and believe that the medicine is going to heal.

'Physicians rarely cure, mostly comfort but console always' wrote Hippocrates during the first century BC. Of late most of the physicians instead of consoling, simply scare the patients. If we can understand this, then we can take charge of our health.

Our health is never in the hands of the doctor but mostly in our control. The life style, food, our thought pattern, our environment, our habits and our sex life determines our health. If there is an ailment, it is because of the imbalance due to some deviations in the above aspects.

So we may have to know some fundamentals about our organs. We have to understand what an analgesic drug is and what an antibiotic is. We should also understand that any thing we eat has an action on our body.

These days doctors never take risk treating the patients based on symptoms. The radiology and laboratories are developed to such an extent that majority of the patients are referred for ultra scan, ECG, blood test, urine test and tests of all liquids in the body and finally declared that every thing is OK but the symptoms exist!

The cure happens automatically as usual and the doctors take credit. The dimension of exploitation of corporate hospitals is immeasurable. Surgical procedures are the way of treatment there. They may even find out surgical procedures to permanently cure common cold. Cardiology is a million dollar racket and most of the surgical interventions are unnecessary. Gynaecology is another money spinning industry and in the days to come there will not be normal child birth even for cattle and pet dogs.

Why do we have to take all these ways. The better way is to take charge of our health by proper life style with optimum positive stress and emotional balance.

Learning soft skills can save us big troubles with respect to health and one may not need to go to the Gods of health frequently.

A soft skill lesson a day keeps the doctor away.

We can become Gods of our own health.