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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Secret of Masterpieces.

Thinking is an automatic process and is similar to a stream of water. Under the influence of emotions the stream becomes faster or even turbulent. The attitude and its extension as emotion determine the speed of the stream of thinking. The attitude can either be positive or negative. The negative attitude gives rise to anger, fear, jealousy, lust and anxiety. Lust can transform into anger, fear and anxiety. These emotions will result in destruction. Laziness is a negative attitude which will result in self destruction. Love is the positive mental attitude.

Every human being has all above said attitudes and the emotions associated with each of them. It is impossible not to have negative attitude. But it is possible to decide our course of action based on love. Love for the environment, the fellow human being and the other living things around. Love is usually unconditional and the action born out of love focuses on giving and adding value to the relationship.

The good thing is that, even when the negative emotions occupy one’s mind, it is possible to observe the flow of thinking and one can become aware of the negative thoughts. Then consciously by focusing on activities like intense observation of things around and involving oneself in creative works, the mind can be freed from negative emotions.

Creative thinking can arise out of calmness. It is like a clear steady stream.

Generally the emotions are triggered by external stimulus or by the past experience of an individual. When the emotions are triggered, it is possible to sit quietly and watch the thought process. Chanting the pranav manthra that is the natural sound of resonance 'OM' and watching its vibration eases the nerves and a calmness is induced. Care has to be taken not to indulge in this calmness for long. After achieving a momentary calmness one should try to become aware of the disturbance and understand its nature. A little bit of philosophical knowledge will help better understanding. Once the nature is understood we may start diverting the thoughts by involving in some activities. Physical activities relieve the stress much faster. This is required to release the mind from  inertia. Just chanting of OM or concentrating on an object does not complete meditation. Without becoming aware of the nature of disturbance and without understanding  the reason for the stress, if the mind is repeatedly trained to escape, then the mind becomes very dull. Stopping the thoughts can never be the solution though it is also a state in which people can spend hours and hours and call themselves to be blissfully happy. All the medical equipments will indicate favourable parameters when some one is monitored in such slumber. People are convinced to believe that this is the ultimate. Inaction is never the way of living for any living being. Inaction has amply been discouraged in Bagavat Geeta.

However, positive stress is essential for most of the creative activities. The individual cannot lead a team without positive stress because leadership itself is a passionate activity. So only by understanding we can allow the positive stress and calm down the negative stress.

Awareness of the thinking at every instant is what is required to channelize the stream of thinking in a desired route.

By practicing awareness the thinking can become calm. By acting from a calm and focused mind set, any activity can be performed with great concentration and the results of such activity will be marvelous. Masterpieces are born out of such focused actions.