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Friday, December 31, 2010

How best to utilise the services of the Doctors.

In my last article I have concluded that health is in our hands. That leaves a question in us, ' When and how best we can take the help of the doctors.

Certainly there are many occasions we are dependent on the services of the so called health care professionals. Some of the occasions one can think of is as follows.

1.At times of certain infection causing fever, rashes and acute body pain.

2.When some one has diarrhea and vomiting

3.When some one is wounded in accident and in the course of games.

4.At times of insect and reptile bite.

5.Wounds due to animal and human attack.

6.Severe pain in any part of the body.

7.Excessive continuous discharge of body liquids.

8.When some one is unconsciousness or semiconscious

9. Excessive intoxication due to drug or alcohol

10. When some one is facing difficulty in breathing

11.During emergency conditions to provide life saving care.

When we take somebody, we must be conscious not to get excited by the initial

drama of the trauma care. It could be genuine or could be a show of also. By now people are getting accustomed to these real time dramas. But if one does not have any prior experience of taking some one in emergency condition and when money is not a big issue to meet out the expenses, the patient's relatives might be taken for a ride. However we may have to cooperate because there is no alternative.

It is better to take second opinion when a surgical intervention is suggested. However in case of accident victims taking a decision is difficult. Much depends on the luck of the unlucky victim. There can not be any hard and fast rule.

So in conclusion it can be stated that Doctors need not be obeyed as God's representatives but should only be given due consideration as any other professional.

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