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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Have you seriously concentrated on your communication skills.

If there is an activity which works against Newton's third law of motion viz., for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction it is human communication.

The law of communication can be defined as to every communication there is a reaction in the same direction or in the opposite direction or no reaction at all.

This makes the practicing of this trait very interesting and challenging.

If you smile you will get a smile in return.
If you smile you will be stared at sometimes.
If you smile you may get back an angry look or even get scolded!

If you advance your hand to shake hands you might receive the other person's hand or some times you might get a Namaskar.

If you shout at someone you might be returned with a shout or some times the other person may obey.

Communication is basically a stimulus. The response depends on so many factors.

Many guidelines can be suggested. But one must be willing to harness the skill rather than continuing with the habitual pattern.

Attitude is the basis of communication. Awareness of the self and the response to ones stimulus forms the next step. The purpose and retaining the attention forms the third step.

Practicing of better communication requires understanding of the human nature.

Fluency in language in verbal communication, an optimum mix of appropriate body language and correct modulation needs to be concentrated. Appropriate words make expressions more effective. To achieve all these things one should practice listening first. Listening with awareness of our reaction is an art by itself.

Using language effectively requires listening to speech in the particular language and reading regularly.

Mastering a language in a month is a myth. One can master the meanings but can not use the language to express on self. For instance any child knows very few words but the authenticity with which it uses is great. This is because as a child we were good observers and listeners. As we grow up this capacity seems to decrease and we may have to rejuvenate the capacity.

Communication mostly is one to one and some times one to many. One to many is called mass communication. Every one of us should master one to one communication. Depending on ones requirement mass communication can be mastered later. Mass communication is one aspect absolutely essential for teachers but sympathetically neglected by many teachers. Most people want to speak and write a new language but do not put enough focus and efforts. I have come across many graduates who have graduated with medium of instruction as English but very poor with respect to their capacity to communicate in English.

Why communication takes the last priority?

Lots of troubles can be avoided by good communication skills. Why not try practicing communication skills instead of feeling contended that you are right.

This only requires an attitude to re learn the skills you think you know or never bothered to improve.

Each individual can be considered to have ego surrounding the attitude. Inside the attitude the emotions reside. Inside the emotions there are three natural planes of existence Rajo, Sathva and Thamo. These three planes are overlapping giving rise to seven possible planes.

Rajo meansDominating
Sathva  means Analytical
Thamo means Lazy

So considering one to one communication, there could be 49 channels of communication expressing the three dimensional self of each namely ego,attitude and emotions. Taking control of all the forty nine lines requires awareness , analytical skill, language skills and emotional intelligence.

Once we understand the psychological fundamentals, communication in various modes becomes easy whether it is body language, verbal or written.

Then you can write your own manual on communication.

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