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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dreams,Goals and Targets.

Dream is a term talked very much these days. The word has found a place in the corporate world and whether people understand it or not, using this has become a fashion. The recent popularity of this term may be due to the fact that our Past President Dr. APJ.Abdul Kalam used this to motivate young people.

It is very true that once you have a strong dream, every thing around you will align to make you realise your dream. I can quote many instances in my own life to support this. The trouble is how to have a strong dream. It appears that ones dream very much depends on his basic attitude. If by virtue of your attitude, you are comfortable the way you are, reading a book like 'The Magic of Thinking Big ' will not move you even a little to form your own dream. To read the book itself you need to have an attitude.

All of us are born in environments that are never our choices. We are born with certain facilities and certain commitments. However the dream can just enter your inner being by some means. Just seeing a car can set your dream to own a car and travel by it. People who are highly creative are blessed with habit of dreaming and only people who can dream can become good leaders.

There are many leaders in government and corporate world of business. Most of them will be working towards goals set by their ultimate leaders. It just requires a high level of obedience and commitment. Their achievements are not their dreams but dreams of some one else. Many times in achieving the goals they experience stress and this reflects in loss of health also.

But if the goals set by others can be converted in to dreams of their own, then working towards the dream will be less strenuous. Work becomes an enjoyable activity. We may have to understand the terms target,goal and dream appropriately.

Target is some specific thing that should be hit. Let us consider that you are practicing shooting with a gun and you have an object in your front to hit. The 'target' means the object to be shot. The goal is to acquire the skill of hitting similar targets. The dream is to feel the repeated achievements of hitting the targets again and again.

Even before the practice starts, dream should start and then the goal is achieved and the target is hit. Mostly the dreams with respect to materialistic achievements and skill related achievements can come true. Dreams involving another individual will come true partially or may not come true at all.

This is the reason why many marriages are failures. The dream of the man and the women in many circumstances will not be the same. The husband may like to live in country side where as the wife's choice could be to live in a metropolitan town. The dreams must be parallel or simply one should dream and the other should take the life partner's dream.

Children are in most disadvantageous position because they are pestered by the parents' or teachers' dreams. Aggressive parents and teachers set very high targets to the kids and their mind, not able to accept the target will get weary and children become total failures. I saw a video clip on my face book added by one of my friends. A young boy obviously denied education,working in a tea stall brings a few glasses of tea for delivery at a nearby apartment. The boy thinking that the door of the apartment opens inwards pushes it hard and even try dashing on it. Suddenly the school going kid from the apartment returns home and he effortlessly opens the door that opens outwards. Then he points out to the sign board on the door that reads 'PULL' to the uneducated boy. The short film ends with the caption 'EDUCATION OPENS THE DOOR'.

Here I prefer that the caption should be 'EDUCATION IMPROVES VISION'. The educated kid had to act based on his vision and he opened the door. People are lead to believe that education can do every thing. Education is only a tool and attitude defines and portray a dream. A man with education may be denied many things he demands but a man with a dream will not be denied because what ever is required including optimum and relevant education for achieving the dream will be acquired by him. Some times too much of education without a dream or goal will prevent one from dreaming.

There is an ancient story of a father having only one sweet mango wanting to give it to his sons. The mango is a special one, for if one eats it he will become enlightened. The condition is that it should not be cut and shared and only one person should take it. He decides to announce a competition taking his wife in to confidence. Of his two sons who ever goes round the world and completes first will be presented the fruit. The younger boy is energetic and he owns a peacock that can fly him to any where he wants. With confidence of owning the peacock he sets out to go round the earth. The elder boy is a smart one. He considers the competition critically and finds out that his world is only his parents. His brother has misunderstood the word 'world' and taken a meaning as 'earth' and has proceeded in a wrong way. The elder one gets the fruit just by going round his parents in less than a minute.

Here we can consider the peacock as education. More than education intelligence is required to correctly interpret the meaning of the word 'world'. The intelligence can be induced by strong dream. The dream keeps one alert, intelligent and ready to act appropriately in every situation.

So any thing we want to achieve we should start dreaming the situations of living, having achieved what we wanted. The technique has worked for me all these years and it is going to take, not only me but all the dreamers like me through the pleasant journey.

If you have not set your dreams, you will be exploited by others. So set your dreams and don't exploit others but help them giving what they want in return to their services towards your dreams.

Dream to lead
Dream to give
Dream to help and
you shall
Get your followers,
Have enough  to give and
Blessed with full of energy to help.