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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Only human kind bother about the God or any other living being also think about its creator?

We have no means to find this out.

What should have given the thought of God to human?

Is it fear that is responsible for human to create their own Gods?

We don't have the answer to these questions but we have come to a stage to talk about God, to talk about worshiping, and to talk about realising the God. Religion thrives on creating a fear about God. People are conditioned to submit to the authority of religion.

To have been born in India has given me an opportunity to know more about various religions. Beyond the religion, the sages have searched out side and within themselves to find what and where God is. The true realisation of God as many spiritualists concluded is the realisation of every thing as manifestations of God.

Lord Sri Krishna in Baghavat Geetha says that earth, water, fire(energy),Atmosphere,space, mind, knowledge and the soul are the eight of His manifestations. God is thus explained to be the Almighty. Human beings are provided with a rational mind that can understand many mechanisms and is capable of creating things. The analytical ability of the rational mind has given rise to the search of God.

Religion has some how inculcated in us the habit of perpetual demanding. They have commecialised a phenomenon where one can demand and will be rewarded. Religion insists that one should be afraid of God. Religion wants the individuals to obey its rules and to serve their God. Religion defines what God likes and what God dislikes. They have so many success stories interpreted favourable to the commercialisation. So the highest monetary income is made by the religious places that you can find in all religion.

In spite of all these tricks some could realise the God in the eight manifestations.

Why at all some one like me, interested in training people in soft skills, talk about God. Because in the name of God people are habituated to perceive their emotions as evil things. If the emotions are only a part of mind, then it is only Gods manifestations. So emotions can not be evil. Skill to manage our emotions is a very vital aspect of soft skills training.

The emotions that we could perceive are fear, anger,lust, depression and desire. We have basic physical and psychological needs that get transformed in to emotions. So all these emotions can be perceived as tools to satisfy the basic needs.

Why should we accept if some one says that the tool is evil? Will you accept that a knife is an evil thing when it is so useful in kitchen, office and in some manufacturing process. We have to learn to use the tools properly.

Say, you want to catch the train and you have just adequate time to proceed to the railway station. The anxiety which is another form of fear makes you alert and focus all your attention towards the single act of proceeding faster. Is this not a necessity?

The lust in you makes you walk that extra mile to give the best to your sweet heart.Does that not sound good?

The anger gives you sufficient power to fight and protect your selves. Without anger, will you not loose your life as a vegetable?

The depression avoids the conflict between action and no action and puts you to rest for some times. Is the rest not needed to compose oneself from a personal loss?

Since emotions drain much of our energy and there is the effect of inertia, we should learn how to control them, shift them and come out of them when we have to act.

So, in short, non of the emotion is evil. Our act might be evil when we act in a selfish way but never the emotions.

Let us not condemn emotions and feel guilty of having emotions. The guilt can be rationalised and we can come out of this mood. We can live all emotions and augment the pleasure and reduce the pain. The ability to love and form relationship will help in this direction. The synergy we get out of our relationship will give us the skill to handle emotions favourably.

Let us realise the God within us in all the eight manifestations and in all others around us. Realising God so is very simple. Let us get out of the slavery of religion and just use religion only as a club activity to meet people and get connected to start a relationship.

Remember that in a relationship we have to give is first and then take the synergy later. If we demand any thing from a relationship we will soon loose that relationship. This is true for any close relationship. The relationship referred here is the true relationship in the mind.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


There always is a hue and cry that our education system requires complete change. But every one who raises this issue is just unhappy with few aspects of a great process. They might have developed dissatisfaction with respect to technical knowledge or the language skills or the mathematical acumen or some times the knowledge about current events, geography and history as being taught in the educational institutions.These things may be useful for making money.

When I chose to write on what we missed to learn, I am not concerned about any of these subjects. These things are required to satisfy the society's needs. One should satisfy himself first to satisfy the society. Since satisfaction itself is a myth and highly temporary, the very nature of satisfaction should be understood to make peace with our own self.

At least in the world around me, the schools and colleges do not teach any thing on understanding the self. Some portions of great verses like Thirukkural are taught like forcing a gulp of castor oil to small children.(In earlier days little children will be fed with few drops of castor oil to avoid constipation.) So what is forced as castor oil is not retained in the mind. Some of the values and concepts which need to be lived upon are to be learnt with passion and thorough understanding so that they might be applied and practiced to become the way of life.

In the recent past, the news that 100+ pilgrims were killed during their pilgrimage in stampede because of heavy crowd, another news that a middle aged man I know committed suicide and a middle aged doctor died of heart attack disturbed me. The fellow who committed suicide is a graduate. The doctor's death could even be considered natural but the suicide and stampede cases I feel is the result of the failure to learn the most essential aspect of self knowledge. In the suicide case, alcohol was the resort he chose to keep himself calm. Apparently it gave him some peace at the cost of addiction and loss of intelligence to be of any value to others. When people become burden to others they will be looked down upon and may be hated by their close relatives and many friends. The psychological rejection experienced leads to suicidal attempts.

The sad part is that all the years of education in institutions have not given any insight into life and death. Death, the end of ones life is mostly unpleasant for the individuals around the person who dies. In fact most of us are afraid of death. That is because death comes suddenly to many. For some who are suffering from chronic ailments death could be a welcome relief. But for most, death carries great amount of sorrow. All of us have expectations, goals and duties to be accomplished in the future. When the death strikes, everything comes to an end.

The experience of an individual, the expertise, the attachments, the feeling of security produced by the individual, the good deeds others use to receive, the materialistic comforts, the status, the recognition, the power over others, the encouragement provided by the individual, the inspiration, the leadership, the entertainment, the joy, the pleasure, the companionship every thing is lost at once when death comes.

When we live we should make the best out of life. The culture does not provide adequate knowledge about life. One may even get confused if we watch the trend of the culture. Mostly the culture is dictated by mighty and rich. It is like an induced epidemic.

Religion instead of teaching values in life mostly is concerned about rituals and getting more and more followers. Almost all religions teach people to place perpetual demands to god and strike some kind of deal with the God created by them. Least time is devoted to offer inputs to people to understand self and spirituality.

Households are under the grip of two or three electronic boxes viz, the mobile phone, the computer and the television. When the computer can provide great amount of knowledge, people may very easily get lost in the amount of information and what is required is hard to be located unless helped by ones own attitude or some guide. Television is absolutely dangerous and equals alcohol in many aspects like addiction, loss of intelligence and learning wrong behaviour and habits. When the damage done by alcohol is visible television does the damage invisibly.

Since education is handled by schools and colleges, parents are left with minimum opportunity to teach their children. Children are overburdened and are forced to spend time at home for academic activities. Parents do not spend quality time with children. Learning of life skills is grossly neglected though it is the most essential part of education.

There has to be conscious efforts to learn life skills . The first step is to become aware of what is missing and start devoting time with family members and discuss about various experiences. One should also learn to restrict the three boxes.

With better understanding of self, your perspective of your world changes. You can be smart, enlightened, radiant and loveable.

Once you have learnt about yourself, you can be free from the evil influences of the media, religion, culture and trends.

You will get perfectly interfaced to the social systems that you have accepted and you can see great results.

(In United Smart Soft Skills we make sincere attempts to offer initial guidance required to fall into the groove of realising self. Once you are in the groove, then learning is a pleasure. )

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dangerous dreams.

When I wrote greatly about the power of dreams I ended up the previous blog post suggesting to dream to lead, to give and to help. Then the dreams will not be selfish but will be for the common cause. Comforts in life can be acquired by giving and need not be through cheating, swindling or through atrocious activities.

Political power, bureaucratic power,money power and even positional advantage can make people arrogant and when they act from that plane, the common man or people below do not have any means to object the behaviour. This is what we are witnessing all over the world. In places where the government is formed by better leaders and when people are prepared to fight collectively for their rights, the standard of living, the roads and other infrastructure and also the government administration is very good and the nation becomes a super power.

Dream of a common man to live in better environment can quickly see him out of the troubled surroundings. This means if our younger generation understands the power of dreams and when they loose faith in their surroundings to achieve their dreams, they migrate out. This migration is worse for the home land.

In many families also, because of selfish dreams of the narrow minded members, others might get exploited. However when the exploited ones start dreaming to escape out of the situation, their dreams come true. Escaping out of a difficult situation is not the end but only a beginning. But the exploited take this for the end and peacefully start resting after they are out of the difficulties.

Dream is like Midas touch. So we may have to be careful and exercise caution to mix love and consideration. Any achievement should be the residue of the good things after sharing the major portion with the society.

In most of the commercial ventures, the net profit will be between 5% to 30% of the turnover. Even if there is greater profit, the government takes a comfortable portion by way of income tax. So the surplus that is left in the venture is only the residue.

When the commercial venture is inconsiderate and when people become greedy, the profit can go very high and except the owners, the other stake holders of the venture viz. employees, suppliers, customers, service providers and who ever is directly or indirectly involved will suffer a lot.

Man kind has had many set backs and there has been loss of millions and millions of lives due to selfish dreams of people like Hitler, Alexander and even Ashoka. All called themselves great warriors but they were only greedy dictators and ruthless warriors. In his later age Ashoka started following Buddhism and did lot of good things to the people. Fortunately, disease killed Alexander and his own ego made Hitler kill himself at fairly early ages. The self centered dreams are not only dangerous but all the achievements go waste.

It requires a greater will power to dream out of difficult situation. The strong dream is epidemic in nature and will take root in others also. When people start believing in your dreams they join together and provide synergy which can help to achieve much greater results than even what you could dream.

Some people set very greedy goals, start exploiting the masses and disturb the peace. Even now it has not come to an end. Earlier it was killing but now it is commercial exploitation. The media spreads filth and is getting established. This is absolutely to the advantage of the rulers. In developed countries most people are aware of this and not addicted to media. But in under developed countries because of a strong culture that discourages dreams, media exploits the masses.

Religious leaders are greedy to have followers and teach people to be stress free. Dream will definitely give stress so that one will act. The stress is to be understood and it gets relieved when the performance starts. Dreams that are going to revolutionize the way we live should not be suppressed. If there is no stress we will be like plants. As animals, our creator has made us to have stress, passion and emotion.

Let us understand dreams and channelize our efforts in the direction of development.

Let us quickly opt out of massive exploitations.