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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Recently a story was circulated on the email. Somebody wanted to write a motivational piece to build the confidence of the readers. The story has been written with two characters, the God and a person who meets Him with the grievance that God is partial to bless very few with ability to achieve great things. God convinces that all are created with will to try any thing but only society imposes the conviction in every one of us that things cannot be done so easily.

The will of every one is to try to perform. But doubtfulness in the minds is brought about by others. Normally people tell someone attempting a new venture based on their own conviction that success is difficult.

Society talks of hard work. The successful people are taught to say that hard work brought them success. I personally have many successes and if you ask me, I will sincerely say that the reason for success is not hard work but work with involvement. When I scored cent percent marks in examinations I recall that I never was focused on the mark but was focused in writing answers accurately.

The focus on perfection and joy of working step by step has brought all successes. When we are involved in the work, the results can be any thing. Desired result is just a goal and trying again and again is not hard work but a joy. When we are totally involved, we don't even perceive certain bodily inconveniences. We just ignore hunger, sleep and bodily discomfort. The attitude is to learn or to achieve.

In learning, the first step is always clumsy. A certain amount of repetitions is required by the time we learn a skill. To achieve proficiency the activity should become involuntary. We will be able to try new techniques and sometimes completely redesign the method the more we do a thing over and over again.

Society looks for the result. Society always compares what you have achieved with what others have. If your achievement is anything less than others', society never recognizes. Society wants competition. But competitions never produce masterpieces. I don't think Shakespeare competed with anybody. So is Bill Gates or any of the recent tycoons. There is huge amount of money involved in making people compete. The ego is amply fueled. But society wants to see people fail. Then only others can involve and give advices. Easy money is there in speculation. So when there is competition, one can expect only manipulations and not real good performance.

There used to be a story about a tooth paste company increasing its sales by increasing the diameter of the mouth of the tooth paste tube. It is a case of clear manipulation receiving ample appreciation.

So, to achieve great results one need to be involved in the process without even a slight distracting thought about the result. The joy of performing and achieving proficiency is much more than the results.

To perform one needs to be enthusiastic, involved in the work and enjoy every process of the work.

Many an occasion we have responsibilities to do some work without our liking. At such times, if one can accepts the work and learn to enjoy the process, mind get relieved from the stress of inner turmoil. The results of such works will also be great.

Present moment living, involving in the job at hand and enjoying the process itself is the highest form of bliss which can bring immense peace. Try and you will concur with my views. Don't comment from what you already know. Experience the bliss.

You can see a highly creative being in you and you will start loving you.