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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Elections

In a democratic set up, in the process of electing the leaders by a voting process offers equal right to all citizens or members of association. This idea of one vote per citizen or a member will be great if all are equally committed to elect an able leader who will work for the collective gain. But unfortunately people are utterly selfish. They want to gain in terms of their profession, status, caste, religion and in whatever way they can identify themselves. It is obvious that the value of each vote is not the same. However the very basis of democracy is that it values all vote equally. So the smart candidate does a home work and devices ways and means of accumulating vote. Votes can be gained by fueling caste feeling, by promising support for minority religion, promising good pay packages for the people in government services and by offering free benefits to the so called economically backward people.  Votes can also be bought with money. Sadly very few votes can be gained by the promises of better governance and better infrastructure.

So by this process selfish people come to power and the sixty seven years of post independence era in Indian history have proved this. Someone who really wants to come to power for the cause of building a better nation or better association should do his/her home work properly. One biggest loop hole in the system is that once someone comes to power, the promises at the time of campaigning need not be honoured. People are not going to question all these things and even they question the leader can always ignore and go ahead with activities that will ensure that they will be elected again. People are left with no option but to suffer, obey and stoop down. Only when the next election comes, the opponent parties are going to talk about these. However the person in power can raise the voices louder and louder about the achievements.  By virtue of the position the person could have amazed great lot of money that can buy votes. Even the normal accomplishments can be projected as great services rendered. 

So anybody who is interested to do well for the country or an association should follow an appropriate game plan to win the game of election. The past years have built a culture that justifies bribe and corruption as normal. The evolution of such a culture is due to the incapability of the past leaders to be strict in their action because of their selfish interest. They aimed to be leaders for repeated terms and a result they prioritized the activity of amazing money. They have been lenient to their subordinates and bureaucrats so that they could build a stronger vote bank ensuring perpetual victory. Even if the constitution is amended allowing each leader only one term in a particular position, people team up in parties and will continue to run the show as at present.

We have been taught selfish prayers. We have been encouraged to compete and fight for positions. We have devised what are called healthy competitions. We have been conditioned to think all these are right. We have accepted bribe and corruption as natural things but still have laws against these practices. Because of all these things when we suffer we are taught to pray to God and tolerate with the hope that God will help one day. 

Of course things change after some time and we are taught to believe that God has helped. So we run away from understanding the fundamental reasons and fail to encourage the next generation in the right direction that will bring down our sufferings. 

On the other hand because of technological advancement especially in the field of internet and communication, the younger generation finds out ways and means of getting to countries that are well administered. This is the quick fix solution for the problems they anticipate while living in badly administered countries.  So the creamy layer of the younger generation is thus lost and it is favourable to the politicians.  The blessing in disguise is the fact that the success of a country does not depend on these creamy layer who are selfish and lack patriotism. 

The real success depends on action, inspiration, patriotism and collective intelligence. This is evidenced by the phenomenal success of Japan and China. In countries like India there are always ripples of patriotism, great inspiration and positive action. However these ripples should develop into waves and change the present situation. Let us encourage the people who create this positive ripple and see a great wave in near future.

However there is a possibility that a leader might be elected by the present democratic election who can understand all these things. The path to the throne is the same but the person who makes it to it can be a real good administrator. Once such a person comes to power such badly administered countries and associations can see a renaissance and till such time we can only wait. The theist can pray to God to give them a good leader.

So the need of the hour is to achieve 100 % polling and creating awareness in the minds of the youth and ignorant mass about this process. Each and every one of us should vote to find out what percentage think like us. Then this population will increase and one day we will have better administration and infrastructure. However if there is an opposite trend in metros where the upper middle class live, it shows that they are utterly selfish and unconcerned about the country. Great amount of effort is required to change this attitude because in these places people spend hours in beauty salons and have not bothered to come to the polling booth.

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