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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Let me start this post with a question, 'What smart means?'
Smart could mean clever and very alert. One who is successful financially with adequate time at his/her disposal can be considered very smart.

The real challenge is that society takes all steps to prepare us to be less smart and to the advantage of the administrators and capitalists, but we may have to get psychologically reconditioned to become smart. You are first put in school and taught lot of things which you may not require in the whole of your life. Still there is no way to learn how to read and write and know some fundamental science and mathematics. By the time one is in class 8, what ever is required to be smart has been covered in the academic curriculum but because of the torturous learning process the students gain far less insight. Three or four years are subsequently wasted preparing for some qualifying examinations. Then one is supposed to study a degree to get a job. Thus the society delays your smart moves towards your dreams. For that matter, you will not even be allowed to dream. You will repeatedly be directed to study and get high scores. Then your skill lies in finding a suitable job for what you have studied and the grades you have scored.

You have to work for the societies dreams. The business men and politicians are ever smarter. They have learnt to be smarter by their own efforts. They have mass media under their control and orchestrate the life style and culture. Liquor is used to their advantage and a common man cannot understand all these things. In India even a cultural phenomenon like monogamy is used to the advantage of people at the top.

There is a popular film song in Tamil that starts quoting a dialogue between the snake in the neck of Lord Shiva (Hindu God) and an eagle. The eagle is supposed to carry Lord Shiva adoring the snack in his neck. The snake is imagined to enquire the eagle ' How is life?' and the eagle replies ' If every one is in their respective places every thing is fine'. The snake is the smartest species depicted here. The snake if found on the land by the eagle, then it is an easy prey for the eagle.

So occupying the position of the snake is the greatest smartness and maintaining the position is the special soft skill required to survive. Becoming a politician or a business man or a bureaucrat is a very smart move that requires all together a very strong will power.

Being smart requires a high degree of manipulation. All trivial works will have to be delegated and the positional advantage should be used at all times in making money, spending least time for making money. Identifying a way to do this is the trick of the game.

If one is sentimental and empathetic there will be conflict in the mind to resolve and act smartly. The ruthless smart move is explained in Mahabharatha. In the war front, when the warrior Karna is working to free the wheels of his chariots, Sree Krishna directs Arjuna to shoot the arrow on Karna. Here the position of Karna, being by the side of atrocious Dhuriyodhana is not favourable to the well being of the society and the smart move is justified. The rules of the war is grossly violated but the result is worth the violation.

If you are very happy in your present position and smart enough to save your position you will find this article absolutely useless. The cream of Vedas as contained in Bhagavath Geetha has been passed on to disciples from the Sun God to Manu and then to Ikshvagu. Then there was an interruption. People started feeling happy in their own positions. The cream of the smart knowledge was forgotten because it was of no use.

After sometimes, things started going wrong at the top but people were so adapted to rules and sentiments that they could not act smartly and bring an end to the atrocity. So to a capable person Arjuna, at an appropriate time when he was facing conflict between rules, sentiments and well being of the society, Bagavath Geetha was retold by Lord Sree Krishna. The time had come to learn the rules of being smart.

It appears history is getting repeated and if we assume that we are one of the capable person, we may have to learn to be smart and bring the economy under our control.

In the days to come smartest will survive and they are the fittest.

One can hear the wake up call for all Arjunas

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